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Today is 06.06.2020

Number Of Homeless Children In Okaloosa County Increasing | Crestview , Florida | Crestview Bulletin

Alan Ward is a Crestview businessman who admits that he was recently caught off guard by a conversation with a friend.

“My friend’s wife came home from work and told him that there are 375 children in Okaloosa County schools who are homeless,” Ward said. “He called me and told me, and I will be honest with you, I had no idea the situation existed in our area and it made me wonder if there are others who would support an effort to assist these children in some way.”

Ward is placing some public service-type advertisements out seeking support for the children and has begun research to see what he can do to help.

“I want this to be a campaign of awareness,” Ward said. “These invisible children are not standing on a corner holding a sign that they need food, or money. They are in this situation due to no action on their part.

“They can’t work a full time job to support their selves. They are young children who need people to stand in the gap for them until their housing situation improves. This is a bad economy.”

Ward is hoping area residents will help.

“By nature, kids just need stability and consistency and I wonder if other people and other businesses in Okaloosa County will also see this as something they would like to support,” Ward said. “If we can do something for them, we should. These kids are right here at home, not in another country.

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via Crestview Bulletin