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Today is 05.31.2020

Number of Homeless Students in Sacramento County Schools Jumps 50%-Plus | Sacramento, California | The Sacramento Bee

In yet another stark measure of the region’s difficult economy, Sacramento County schools have seen a marked increase in the number of students whose families do not have a stable home.

The county’s school districts counted 7,254 homeless children and youths among their students last year, a jump of more than 50 percent since 2005.

The numbers are part of a comprehensive report on child welfare prepared by the Sacramento County Children’s Commission, which was appointed by the county Board of Supervisors. Among other topics, the report looks at child safety, academic achievement, family economics and health.

The statistics on homeless students were collected by school districts, which use federal guidelines to identify children who are in unstable households. Children in “homeless situations” by the federal definition “lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence,” and include those who are sleeping in motels, campgrounds, shelters or on the sofas of relatives.

“We’re not talking about a family who is renting an apartment with roommates,” said Hilary Krogh, coordinator of the county Office of Education’s Project TEACH program for homeless children. “These are kids who truly do not have stable housing from night to night.”

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