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Today is 06.06.2020

Numbers Of Homeless Children Increase | New Britain, Connecticut | Hartford Courant

NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT —— Alvarez Tutein keeps quiet about the fact that he is homeless when he’s in school.

“I never know how anybody would react, so why tell them?” he explained.
Life is tough enough in middle school.
Alvarez, an approachable 13-year-old, looks like any other student at Slade Middle School. Dressed in a clean school uniform of khakis and polo shirt, his hair in neat dreadlocks, he looks refreshed and engaged. By all accounts, he is a good student and hopes to someday be a doctor.

But you can see that homelessness has affected him. He avoids making eye contact. He was suspended for fighting two weeks ago. He has a lot of built-up anger, and he yearns for stability.

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