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Oklahoma Family In Trouble Turns To Homeless Shelter | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Newsok

James Pigg has filled many roles, loving husband, proud father, Army veteran, college graduate and a successful business owner.

But, Pigg, 49, never imagined he and his family would be homeless.

“What happened to us, we never seen it coming,” he said.

First, the family’s car was repossessed. Then, they couldn’t afford to stay in the house they had been renting.

“We had nowhere else to go,” Joyce Pigg, his wife of 19 years, said.

For the past 10 months they and their five children have lived at the City Rescue Mission’s shelter.

“This place kept us together,” he said. “God sent us here.”

Growing trend

According to an annual Point in Time survey conducted by the Homeless Alliance, in Oklahoma City alone, there were 80 families in need of permanent housing in January 2011. Of those families, 38 lived in shelters, 27 lived in transitional shelters and 15 lived on the street or in their cars. The families are also among a growing national trend.

Jennifer Thurman, the program coordinator of the Homeless Alliance said, since all homeless families cannot be reached this number is an underestimate.

The 2010 Annual Homeless Assessment Report released by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development concluded an estimated 79,446 families with children lived in shelters across the U.S.

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