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Today is 05.29.2020

Oxford Hills School District Strives To Educate Homeless Students | Oxford, Maine | Sun Journal

Almost half of the 43 identified homeless students in the Oxford Hills School District are elementary school-age students, according to school officials.

A total of 17 high school, four middle school and 21 kindergarten through grade six elementary students have been identified by the district as being homeless.

“(I’m) not sure there are ‘so many’ (elementary school homeless students) per se,” said Assistant Superintendent Patrick Hartnett, the district liaison for homeless students, when asked why the large number of younger homeless students.

Hartnett said one factor may be that there is a seven-year window to be identified homeless at the elementary level as oppossed to two years at the middle school and four years at the high school, he said.

Homeless students are defined as those who are unaccompanied (they may have been abandoned, kicked out of their home or run away); abandoned in hospitals; awaiting foster care; have a nighttime residence that is a public or private place but not ordinarily used as regular sleeping accomondations; those living in cars, parks and public places; and students who “couch surf” (those who sleep at a different houses nightly).

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