I Am Waters

Today is 04.02.2020

Presbyterian Night Shelter and I Am Waters Foundation


I had the pleasure of interviewing Sharlein Wooten at Presbyterian Night Shelter yesterday. We spoke about her life, homelessness and I Am waters bottled water. Sharlein became homeless after her husband died. She’s lives at PNS and is currently taking college courses to get her degree in Social Behavior. She worked for the State in the food stamp office for sixteen years. When queried about her dream for her life Sharlein responded by saying “I would like to have a place to call my own and to help others in need” Sharlein said her first bottle of water said HOPE and that she thought she was getting a message. She said she had been depressed and after picking up the bottle with the word she felt inspired and now tries to collect all the words for the positive feeling of encouragement they provide.

This post will be followed by our video interview soon.