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Today is 06.02.2020

Record Numbers Of Homeless People In Portland | Portland, Maine | New England Cable News

Today, shelter workers gathered at Portland City Hall in search of both short and long term solutions.

The Portland family shelter is not exactly home sweet home.

“I’m happy this place is here, don’t get me wrong,” said Alan Beam.

Alan Beam and Sarah Green and their two children ended up here three weeks ago after an Arson Fire forced them out of their old apartment.

“It’s very challenging to be here because my daughter is about to second grade” said Green.

Gabriella will start her school year here, in this crowded triple decker family shelter in Portland’s bayside neighborhood.

“Oh, we’re super busy. At times we have 25 families hereand have to double up,” said Jeff.

It’s the same story around the corner at the Oxford Street shelter: the 154 beds here are filled every night with the surplus being sent down the road to the Preble Street resource center.

“We are using the space that they have where we call in city staff and open an overflow shelter in the evening,” said Doug, Portland’s Health and Human Services director.

Overall, Portland’s homeless rate is up 12 percent from this time last year.

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via New England Cable News