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Stetson University Offers Free Ride To 2 Homeless Seminole Students | Seminole , Florida | Orlando Sentinel

Two homeless Seminole County children who captured the hearts of TV viewers nationwide with their optimism and sincerity are receiving an all-expenses-paid trip — to college.

Stetson University, a nationally ranked private school in DeLand, announced Thursday that it’s offering full rides to the Metzger kids, featured in Sunday’s “60 Minutes” show about families living out of their vehicles.

Stetson President Wendy Libby said she has been bombarded by email from alumni, employees and others asking how the college can help 15-year-old Arielle Metzger, who was wearing a green-and-gray Stetson T-shirt for part of the broadcast, and her brother Austin, 13.

In the show, Arielle talks about how important education is to the family. A freshman honors student at Seminole High School, she dreams of eventually becoming a child-advocacy attorney.

Libby said Stetson, known for its law school and charity work, seemed a perfect fit. Stetson decided to offer the teens each a financial package that today is worth about $46,000 a year.

“I think for all of us, we were impressed by not only Arielle, but also Austin — their sense of grounding, their sense of what’s important in life,” Libby said.

Stetson’s gift was among an outpouring of donations the Metzger family received this week from CBS viewers nationwide. Reached by phone Thursday evening, the Metzgers were wowed and humbled.

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