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Today is 05.27.2019

Student Organizes Benefit To Help Homeless Teens | Rock Island, Illinois | Quad-City Times

When Rock Island High School senior Jalea Jackson began focusing her sights on attending Louisiana State University, she knew it would take extra effort on top of her 4.0 grade-point average to get accepted.

She has her eye on scholarships, many of which reward students who show leadership and entrepreneurial spirit as well as academics.

Jackson’s mother told her about Theplace2b, a drop-in shelter for homeless teens in downtown Rock Island, where they can get a hot meal, tutoring, hang out and receive job training.

When she saw Theplace2b, it struck a chord.

In her quest to prepare for college as well as raise money for homeless teens and Theplace2b, she learned much about herself and the society in which she lives.

“Young people are living on the streets with nowhere else to go,” Jackson said. “If I were homeless, I’d want someone to care. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Often the smallest gestures of caring mean the most.

“You never know who it is in your class who may be homeless,” she added. “You could be sitting right next to them or pass them in the hallway each day.”

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