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Ex-Homeless Speak Out To Change Perceptions | NPR.org

The typical speakers bureau can get a celebrity, a politician or a media pundit to address your group for a few thousand, or maybe tens of thousands of dollars. But one speakers bureau made up of men and women who have been homeless will provide someone for only $40.

And the speech could be just as compelling as one given by high-priced talent.

John Harrison is one of those speakers. With his ruddy good looks, salt-and-pepper hair, khakis and white button-down shirt, he looks like someone who might spend a lot of time relaxing on a sailboat. Instead, he’s still struggling to get back on his feet after years of homelessness.

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Number Of Erie County Homeless Rises To 8,500, 60% For First Time | Erie, New York | Buffalo News

ERIE, NEW YORK — An estimated 8,500 people ended up homeless in Erie County in 2009-10 — and three out of five of those people had never experienced homelessness before, a new report found.

The number was significantly higher than in 2008-09, when the Homeless Alliance of Western New York tracked a total of 6,683 homeless people in Erie County.

But researchers cautioned against comparing the numbers or drawing definitive conclusions, because the 2008-09 figures were less complete than the more recent data.

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Homeless Get Some ‘Cool’ Relief : I Am Waters Foundation Donates 76,000 Bottles Of Water To Shelter

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The homeless got some extra help in beating the heat on Wednesday. An organization called the ‘I Am Waters Foundation’ donated about 76,000 bottles of water to the ARCH Center in Downtown Austin on Wednesday.

“The shelters love the water because they often don’t have money allocated to buy water. And the amounts of water they would need to keep everybody hydrated,” said Elena Davis, founder of the organization.

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Homeless Organizations Prepare To Beat The Summer Heat

As summer approaches, warmer temperatures bring along a whole set of survival concerns for the homeless: how to stay cool and hydrated in the heat.

Homeless organizations are now getting prepared for the summer and the necessary care that comes with it, including setting up respite centers and distributing water to those in need.

Being prepared for the heat is especially important in a desert climate like Phoenix, where high temperatures climb above 110 degrees for much of the summer. via Huffington Post

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