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Today is 06.06.2020

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Washington Township Students Collect Jeans For Homeless Youth | Washington Township , New Jersey | NJ

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY — “When asked, homeless kids often say that one pair of jeans would make them feel normal and like everyone else. This was a worthwhile project that our students eagerly embraced. The response was overwhelming…”

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Little Leaguers Donate To Homeless Shelter | Harlingen , Texas | Valley Central

HARLINGEN, TEXAS — A tournament Saturday at Wilson Park had Muniz taking on a different task, counting canned food. “We try and raise as much as we can as far as canned goods, turkeys, gift certificates, gift cards, and everything goes to Loaves and Fishes to help needy families around Harlingen,” Muniz said. “Thanksgiving is really a giving thing, not just something that’s a mental attitude or feeling or sentiment. It’s an action,” Reagan said.

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Homeless Shelters Feeling The Heat Of A Hot Summer | I Am Waters Donates 37,000 Bottles Of Water | Fort Worth, Texas | Star Telegram

FORT WORTH — People gathered on the scalding hot sidewalk around the Presbyterian Night Shelter have a keen interest in the thermostat.
“Can you please call time and temperature?” asked Claire Griffin, 41, spotting someone with a cellphone from under a blue umbrella that shielded her fair skin from the sun. “We get to go in if it hits 100.”
It’s actually the heat index that has to hit triple digits before the shelter opens its doors early. Inside, employees were hurriedly preparing for another rush of homeless people escaping what is already a sizzling summer, even by Texas standards.
The heat is already straining some shelter and relief agencies’ budgets and supplies. The night shelter’s electric bill is approaching $13,000 a month for all its campuses — an amount typically seen in August.

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Homeless Get Some ‘Cool’ Relief : I Am Waters Foundation Donates 76,000 Bottles Of Water To Shelter

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The homeless got some extra help in beating the heat on Wednesday. An organization called the ‘I Am Waters Foundation’ donated about 76,000 bottles of water to the ARCH Center in Downtown Austin on Wednesday.

“The shelters love the water because they often don’t have money allocated to buy water. And the amounts of water they would need to keep everybody hydrated,” said Elena Davis, founder of the organization.

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