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Today is 12.11.2019

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Melissa And Trace Homeless Couple Dealing With Grand Mall Seizures and Holding Down A Job While Living On The Streets

Melissa and Trace are a married homeless couple. He suffers from grand mall seizures. Melissa works, Trace’s seizures preclude him from working. Melissa: “If anyone would have ever told me I would be homeless one day, I would have looked at them like they were crazy or a liar….

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HPD’s Homeless Outreach Team | I Am Waters Salutes You

I Am Waters is proud to announce our partnership with HPD’s Homeless Outreach Team, founded and operated by Officers, Giraldo, Terry and Wick. Their mission is to make a human connection built on mutual trust and to offer support to our city’s homeless by providing assistance with housing; obtaining I.D’s; and step-by-step guidance, and help, with the obstacles that block the path for so many. They have facilitated housing for numerous homeless individuals in the short time they have been in operation.

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