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Reaching Out To The Homeless | Houston , Texas | Click2Houston KPRC NBC

HOUSTON, TEXAS — HPD Homeless Outreach Team, founded and operated by Officers, Giraldo, Terry and Wick., helps those living on the streets,

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A Super Time At I Am Waters Luncheon | Houston , Texas | Chron.com

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Eighties glamazons Cheryl Tiegs, Kelly Emberg, Kim Alexis, Joan Severance, Dianne deWitt, Kim Charlton, Tara Shannon and Tony Spinelli reunited for the first I Am Waters Foundation Luncheon. Two famous male faces of the period, Jack Scalia and Tony Spinelli, also joined the fun.

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Hart: Preschool Proves Itself To Homeless Mom | Houston , Texas | Chron.com

HOUSTON, TEXAS — “”I brag to everybody about House of Tiny Treasures. My youngest is now in pre-K and she’s already reading,” Hay boasted. “My twins are in first grade and reading at an advanced level. I really directly attribute that to House of Tiny Treasures.” As I wrote on Friday, the Tiny Treasures program is one of many outreach efforts operated by SEARCH Homeless Services under the direction of its CEO, Thao Costis.”

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Houston Homeless Team Attracting Attention In County | Houston , Texas | Your Houston News

HOUSTON, TEXAS — The biggest problem homeless face in getting off the streets is a lost or stolen ID. “If you don’t have an ID you can’t get a job, get into a shelter or receive services,” Senior Police Officer Jaime Giraldo said.

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I Am Waters Foundation From the Runway to the Streets: Elena Davis gives Houston’s homeless a message in a bottle

002 Magazine Houston — In 2009, Davis founded I Am Waters, a nonprofit foundation that provides safe, transportable water to homeless individuals and shelters. During the summer of 2011, I Am Water delivered 300,000 bottles of water throughout Houston, Ft. Worth and Austin.

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I Am Waters Foundation Helps Houston’s Homeless | Houston Lifestyle Magazine

Area nonprofits provided 186,000 bottles of water to the homeless in the Bayou City thanks to a donation from the Houston-based I AM WATERS Foundation. Nearly one-third, or 68,000 bottles, went to Star of Hope for distribution to its women and children, mobile outreach and men’s programs as part of the homeless mission’s 10-week Summer of Hope program.

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Hydrating The Homeless | Houston Homeless Outreach Team

Sgt. Stephen Wick of HPD Homeless Outreach Program and friend to Houston’s homeless distributes physical and spiritual hydration with bottles of water from I Am Waters Foundation.

I Am Waters Foundation salutes Sgt. Wick, Officers Geraldo and Terry for their continued compassion, diligence and service to our homeless.

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Vet Helps Other Veterans Get Off The Street | Houston, Texas | Chron.com

HOUSTON, TEXAS — The scene in James Bute Park is straight out of Alice in Wonderland In the midst of a distressingly hot, dry summer, it is raining and cool in the green space just north of downtown. Of the dozen homeless men seeking refuge under a U.S. 59 overpass, a few are reading books checked out from the library and a few more are involved in a hotly contested game of checkers. Behind them, Buffalo Bayou is a lush wilderness. To the right are winding paths that lead to impromptu camp sites. At the end of one path a man is cooking breakfast over a campfire. “It’s like stepping through a portal into another world,” says Oskar Gonzalez-Yetzirah, mingling with the men as he walks deeper and deeper into the park. “You a vet?” he asks.

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Set Adrift In Houston, WWII Vet Joins Those Facing Homelessness : Harold Utsler Has Two Wars In His Past, But Has No Idea About His Future | Houston, Texas | Chron

HOUSTON, TEXAS — The last time Harold Utsler felt this lost it was 1945 and he had just accepted an honorable discharge from the Army Air Corps. Utsler had survived 50 death-defying missions over Europe as a top turret gunner and flight engineer on a B-24 bomber crew. He was in his early 20s, single and had no idea what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. “I was so confused,” he said. More than half a century later, that unsettling sense of being adrift has returned.

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HPD’s Homeless Outreach Team | I Am Waters Salutes You

I Am Waters is proud to announce our partnership with HPD’s Homeless Outreach Team, founded and operated by Officers, Giraldo, Terry and Wick. Their mission is to make a human connection built on mutual trust and to offer support to our city’s homeless by providing assistance with housing; obtaining I.D’s; and step-by-step guidance, and help, with the obstacles that block the path for so many. They have facilitated housing for numerous homeless individuals in the short time they have been in operation.

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