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Today is 06.02.2020

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Deserted By Parents, She Went From Homeless To Harvard | Today Show MSNBC

Dawn Loggins endured her family being evicted from their home many times. When the electric bill didn’t get paid, she studied by candlelight; when her parents lost their jobs, she subsisted on noodles.

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Ex-Homeless Speak Out To Change Perceptions | NPR.org

The typical speakers bureau can get a celebrity, a politician or a media pundit to address your group for a few thousand, or maybe tens of thousands of dollars. But one speakers bureau made up of men and women who have been homeless will provide someone for only $40.

And the speech could be just as compelling as one given by high-priced talent.

John Harrison is one of those speakers. With his ruddy good looks, salt-and-pepper hair, khakis and white button-down shirt, he looks like someone who might spend a lot of time relaxing on a sailboat. Instead, he’s still struggling to get back on his feet after years of homelessness.

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Good Night Angels

Angels from Salvation Army Women and Children Shelter-Austin.

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Houston, Texas

I Am Waters out and about downtown Houston; visiting with local homeless about water and their hopes and dreams.

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Another Day At The office/Behind The Scenes

There is an “I Am” in team…..data processing away….

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Behind The Scenes I Am Waters Texas Photo Shoot

Presbyterian Night Shelter- Austin, Texas. Behind the scenes fun!

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Still Processing data from last week’s shoot.

We (Peter Duke) photographed approx 80 people last week which resulted in capturing hundreds of images. Now we organize scan and tag. The IAW team working away…..

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I Am Waters Texas Photo Shoot

Good night and sweet dreams to our friends in Austin at The Salvation Army Women and Children Shelter.

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