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Today is 06.06.2020

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Water Delivery – Austin Texas 2012

I Am Waters Foundation delivers 152,064 bottles to Front Steps and Mobile Loaves and Fishes in Austin Texas for summer 2012

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Deserted By Parents, She Went From Homeless To Harvard | Today Show MSNBC

Dawn Loggins endured her family being evicted from their home many times. When the electric bill didn’t get paid, she studied by candlelight; when her parents lost their jobs, she subsisted on noodles.

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Melissa And Trace Homeless Couple Dealing With Grand Mall Seizures and Holding Down A Job While Living On The Streets

Melissa and Trace are a married homeless couple. He suffers from grand mall seizures. Melissa works, Trace’s seizures preclude him from working. Melissa: “If anyone would have ever told me I would be homeless one day, I would have looked at them like they were crazy or a liar….

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Another Day At The office/Behind The Scenes

There is an “I Am” in team…..data processing away….

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I Am Waters Texas Photo Shoot

Good night and sweet dreams to our friends in Austin at The Salvation Army Women and Children Shelter.

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