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Today is 06.24.2019

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I Am Waters Foundation From the Runway to the Streets: Elena Davis gives Houston’s homeless a message in a bottle

002 Magazine Houston — In 2009, Davis founded I Am Waters, a nonprofit foundation that provides safe, transportable water to homeless individuals and shelters. During the summer of 2011, I Am Water delivered 300,000 bottles of water throughout Houston, Ft. Worth and Austin.

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I Am Waters Foundations’ December Advertisement

Take a look at our December Ads running in this month’s copy of Paper City Magazine.

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I Am Waters Foundation Helps Houston’s Homeless | Houston Lifestyle Magazine

Area nonprofits provided 186,000 bottles of water to the homeless in the Bayou City thanks to a donation from the Houston-based I AM WATERS Foundation. Nearly one-third, or 68,000 bottles, went to Star of Hope for distribution to its women and children, mobile outreach and men’s programs as part of the homeless mission’s 10-week Summer of Hope program.

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I Am Waters Foundation Releases New Book Entitled “Dream” | Culture Map Houston

I Am Waters president and founder Elena Davis talked about the group’s summer water project which distributed 80,000 bottles of water, labeled with words of inspiration, to Houston’s homeless through area shelters including SEARCH and Star of Hope. Guests such as Katie Brass, Mary and Vincent Kickerillo, Patty and Craig Biggio had a first look at the new book, DREAM, which puts a face on America’s homeless through images shot by Peter Duke, the foundation’s LA-based photographer who has recorded images of the homeless in the past year in three American cities.

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Helping the Homeless | Tanglewood Buzz

The scene is all too familiar: You approach an intersection hoping to get through the light before it turns red, but you don’t make it in time. So now you’re stuck next to a panhandler on the corner. Do you give him money? Or do you stare straight ahead hoping he’ll move on? During those uncomfortable moments at the red light, you probably wonder if he’s legitimately homeless or just running a good panhandling business.

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