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Today is 06.06.2020

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Rhode Island creates homeless bill of rights

Statute prohibits governments, police, healthcare workers, landlords or employers from treating homeless people unfairly because of their housing status.

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First Winter Shelter Opens As Homeless Crisis Worsens | Providence, Texas | Cranston Patch

PROVIDENCE, TEXAS — The first winter shelter of the year opened in Providence today. Advocates for the homeless said this year, the bad economy has more families seeking shelter, eight people have died on the street and there is a deficit of 273 shelter spaces.

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9-11 Day of Service: Nick Lowinger Steps Up To Give Homeless Children New Shoes | Cranston, Rhode Island | USA Today

CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND — When he was 5 years old, Nick Lowinger of Cranston, R.I., started going to homeless shelters with his mother, Lori, who works at shelters as an art therapist.
On his first visit, he noticed that many kids didn’t have decent clothing or shoes. So when he got home, he quickly went through his own closet, grabbed gently used clothes and shoes that no longer fit him, toys and games, and he and his mother took the items back to the shelter.

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