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Deserted By Parents, She Went From Homeless To Harvard | Today Show MSNBC

Dawn Loggins endured her family being evicted from their home many times. When the electric bill didn’t get paid, she studied by candlelight; when her parents lost their jobs, she subsisted on noodles.

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From Scrubbing Floors To Ivy League: Homeless Student To Go To Dream College | Lawndale , North Carolina | CNN

LAWNDALE, NORTH CAROLINA — She was homeless at the start of the school year, abandoned by her drug-abusing parents. The teachers and others in town pitched in — donating clothes and providing medical and dental care. She got the janitorial job through a school workforce assistance program.

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Homeless Student Graduates | Atlanta , Georgia | WLTZ 38 NBC News

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — An Atlanta high school graduate is thanking his teachers and friends for helping him get through school. He’s been homeless for the past years but now has a bright future ahead.

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Wake Student Finds Inspiration Among The City’s Homeless | Winston Salem , North Carolina | Winston-Salem Journal

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA — Liang’s Saturday mornings, without exception, belong to the homeless men and women of Winston-Salem. For the past four years, Liang, 21, has participated in Wake Saturdays, a student-led organization that serves meals on Patterson Avenue to the city’s homeless. Beyond serving food, the program stresses building relationships with the men, women and children who stop by for meals.

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Homeless Student Is Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist | Brentwood , New York | Geek

BRENTWOOD, NEW YORK — Samantha Garvey, a senior as Brentwood High School has managed to become one of the remaining 300 semifinalists in the Intel Science Talent Search this year. Her research focused on mussels and her discovery that they change the thickness of their shells if a predator such as crabs are introduced. Why is Garvey’s achievement so impressive? Because she, and her entire family, are homeless and rely on a local homeless shelter.

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Homeless Student Studies For A Better Future | Portland , Oregon | Oregon Public Broadcasting

PORTLAND, OREGON — As the economy struggles to recover, some people are looking to post-secondary education to improve their skills, and land a job. That strategy can be especially difficult for students who are homeless.

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Harlem High School Student Who Survived Cancer, Mother’s Death & Homelessness Awarded Scholarship | New York | NYDailyNews.com

NEW YORK – Cedric Walton has not lived a charmed life.

It has been him and his grandmother against the world, weathering what most people couldn’t even if they lived 10 lifetimes.

A mother dead of AIDS when Cedric was 3. A father nowhere to be found; an aunt who drowned before his eyes two years ago – and living in one room in an East Harlem homeless shelter.

And then a diagnosis of lung cancer at age 17.

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Once Homeless, Now Headed to Harvard | San Diego, California | Voice of San Diego

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Recent Madison High School graduate Alicia Zamora went from being homeless as a young child to being accepted to Harvard University.

As she trudged with her mother back to the shelter, Alicia Zamora practiced her reading on billboards. She counted bathroom tiles with her brother for fun. Sometimes she even pored over the nutrition facts on the back of a box of crackers or apple juice. She also remembers going without food at all.

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Numbers Of Homeless Children Increase | New Britain, Connecticut | Hartford Courant

NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT — Alvarez Tutein keeps quiet about the fact that he is homeless when he’s in school.

“I never know how anybody would react, so why tell them?” he explained.
Life is tough enough in middle school.
Alvarez, an approachable 13-year-old, looks like any other student at Slade Middle School. Dressed in a clean school uniform of khakis and polo shirt, his hair in neat dreadlocks, he looks refreshed and engaged. By all accounts, he is a good student and hopes to someday be a doctor.

But you can see that homelessness has affected him. He avoids making eye contact. He was suspended for fighting two weeks ago. He has a lot of built-up anger, and he yearns for stability.

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