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Water For The Homeless | I Am Waters Foundation | American-Statesman

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Some 80,000 bottles of water have arrived in Austin for the homeless courtesy of a donation from the organizationI Am Waters Foundation. Two Austin non-profits, Front Steps, which manages the Men’s emergency shelter at the ARCH and Mobile Loaves and Fishes, will distribute the water to those in need in the coming hot months.

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Homeless Get Some ‘Cool’ Relief : I Am Waters Foundation Donates 76,000 Bottles Of Water To Shelter

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The homeless got some extra help in beating the heat on Wednesday. An organization called the ‘I Am Waters Foundation’ donated about 76,000 bottles of water to the ARCH Center in Downtown Austin on Wednesday.

“The shelters love the water because they often don’t have money allocated to buy water. And the amounts of water they would need to keep everybody hydrated,” said Elena Davis, founder of the organization.

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Austin’s Homeless Receive Water | Interview With Elena Davis and Mitchell Gibbs

AUSTIN, TX – The I Am Waters Foundation supplies water to homeless people who don’t have access to life’s most basic necessities like water.
Front Steps and Mobile Loaves & Fishes will distribute upwards of 700 bottles of water per day through September.

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I Am Waters Delivers 76,000 Bottles of Water for Austin’s Homeless | Austin, Texas | KUT News NPR Digital Network

AUSTIN, TEXAS – With a heat wave blasting Austin with triple-digit temperatures earlier than usual, two local non-profits have learned they will be receiving a total of 76,000 bottles of water to hand out to the city’s homeless population.

The Houston-based I Am Waters Foundation is donating the bottles, each of which includes a motivational phrase on its label. Mobile Loaves and Fishes, which distributes meals to the homeless, will receive 26,000 bottles. The remaining 50,000 will go to Front Steps, an organization that manages the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH), a daytime center and overnight men’s shelter.

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I Am Waters Delivers 70,000 Bottles Of Water And Hope To The Star Of Hope | Houston, Texas | ABC 13 News

HOUSTON (KTRK) — With the heat at dangerous levels, non-profit agencies are launching a big campaign to help the homeless.
At a warehouse on the northwest side, volunteers are preparing to hand out bottles of water. In all, more than 186,000 bottles of water will be passed out across the Houston area.
This is the second year that the I Am Waters Foundation is taking on this effort. This year, they have effectively doubled the number of water bottles they’re distributing across Texas. Their hope is to expand their effort to California next year.
Volunteers hope the water lasts through September, but given the scorching heat even before the official start of summer coupled with a rise in the homeless population, they say they’re willing to make more water if need be
“How long will it last? It depends on how long the heat lasts, how hot it is and if the homeless population as it stands now keeps growing. There’s 25 percent more people utilizing shelters this summer than there were last summer,” said Elena Davis of the I Am Waters Foundation.

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Homeless in Particular Feeling the Heat Around Louisville | Louisville, Kentucky | Courier-Journal.com

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY With sweltering temperatures expected for the long haul this summer, Louisville’s homeless are particularly feeling the heat.

“Most of these people carry everything they own on their back,” said Matt Yates, director of the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope. “They’re carrying 50-plus pounds in this heat. It’s like being in the military.”

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Homeless Fight to Survive in Pasco Woods | Holiday, Florida | My Fox Tampa Bay

A sad but all too visible tragedy plays out on the streets and parks of Pinellas and Hillsborough every day. The homeless have become a prominent part of the urban area.

It’s the exact opposite just a short drive north in Pasco County. In Pasco, the homeless live “…out in the woods and trying to survive,” according to Beverly Ogleseby. She has been living in the woods since losing her job a year and a half ago. She is not alone.

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Homeless Struggle With Extreme Heat | Nashville, Tennessee | News Channel 5

The near-record temperatures forecasted for this week are an inconvenience for most people. For Nashville’s homeless population, they can be dangerous.

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Homeless Organizations Prepare To Beat The Summer Heat

As summer approaches, warmer temperatures bring along a whole set of survival concerns for the homeless: how to stay cool and hydrated in the heat.

Homeless organizations are now getting prepared for the summer and the necessary care that comes with it, including setting up respite centers and distributing water to those in need.

Being prepared for the heat is especially important in a desert climate like Phoenix, where high temperatures climb above 110 degrees for much of the summer. via Huffington Post

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First 180,000 Bottles of Water to Houston Homeless

I Am Waters has partnered with the Houston Foodbank to deliver 180,000 bottles of clean drinking water to Houston’s homeless population. The delivery was a first step to proving out […]

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