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Today is 04.02.2020

Taking In The Homeless For The Holidays | Grand Junction , Colorado | 11 News NBC

Having no place to call home becomes especially difficult during the cold Colorado winters. But one local faith community has opened their doors to homeless men of the Grand Valley during the holidays, a time of year when they especially need to feel the warmth.

“Some of these guys would not have made it into the shelter. And I know a couple of years ago there were a lot of people freezing to death, and since this programs been in place, it hasn’t happened. So I think it definitely fills a void,” says volunteer Jim Grisier.

Since 2008, local faith communities have taken in guests who would have otherwise been out on the streets, providing them food, shelter, and friendship.

“We appreciate the churches, they feed us breakfast usually and keep us warm at night,” says Val Langenberg, a homeless vet.

Immaculate Heart of Mary church takes in the overflow of single homeless men during an extraordinary time for year.

The Catholic community houses men during a two-week span from Christmas through New Year’s.

“I think any night when you stay up all night it’s a lot to give up in a way. But it’s a good season for Immaculate Heart, they have a good space to do this,” says Grisier

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