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The Art Of Being Homeless | Pueblo , Colorado | The Pueblo Chieftain

The streets of Pueblo have spoken and they have a lot to say.
They speak of imagination and creativity, heartache and struggle. The voices belong to the homeless, a people not heard as often as they are seen on street corners, under bridges and loitering outside convenience stores.
Displaced and destitute, the homeless are rich in stories. To highlight that, homeless provider Posada held its inaugural “Art Off The Streets” exhibit on Saturday.
The art exhibit runs through Dec. 22 at the 5th & Main Espresso Bar on the first floor of the Federal Building in Downtown.
A fundraising auction features more than 50 paintings, photos, sculptures, poetry and other artworks that center on the homeless, plus 70 pieces from local, established artists. Proceeds benefit Posada and its programs, one being art classes that are equally fun and therapeutic.
“It’s like therapy for our clients. The homeless think (the art show) is great because they can pay it forward,” said Diana Hall, the exhibit and auction organizer.
Some of the artwork Saturday came with a short story and background of the artist. A few pieces were by children. One drew and wrote about living in a car and under a bridge.
“These kids know how it is,” Hall said.
Keith Geer, 48, and Victor Michel, 25, were two Posada clients who took in the festivities. Geer, a Dallas native, was featured in two photos on display.

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