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Today is 04.02.2020

Twitter Use Turns Homeless Woman Into A Social Media Celebrity | Chicago , Illinois | Daily Herald

With competition so fierce, becoming a standout on Twitter, Facebook and other social media is a challenge for anyone.

Imagine achieving it while homeless.

For AnnMarie Walsh, attaining social media celebrity from the streets and shelters of the Northwest suburbs meant using the Internet at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library or searching for places to charge a hand-me-down phone that demanded cash for minutes.

Walsh’s savvy landed her a spot in a documentary called “Twittamentary” and a trip across the country to speak at a glitzy Los Angeles theater for the “140 Characters Conference.”

But perhaps the 41-year-old’s biggest coup was finding a place to live after more than five years of homelessness, thanks to a social worker who connected with her through Twitter.

One of Walsh’s motives for tweeting and posting on social media sites was to help others understand people who are homeless.

“They need to sit down and talk to someone who is homeless once in a while and find out more of the story,” she said. “Most of them think that homeless people are all criminals, on drugs, alcoholics. They think we don’t try to get out of homelessness and that we aren’t successful at anything. Some (homeless people) have college degrees and because of the economy got laid off.”

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