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Today is 05.29.2020

Women Are The Fastest Growing Group Of Homeless Veterans | Charleston, South Carolina | WCSC 5 CBS News

Nearly triple the number of American women are serving in the military now than thirty years ago. As many of them return from combat overseas statistics show the United States can count on a new group of homeless veterans, battling a whole host of different issues.

“Right now I’ve got my futon mattress rolled up, but I would roll it out, and I’ve got my sleeping bag for covers,” said Afghanistan veteran Selena Hilliard, explaining how she slept in the back of her Ford Explorer for several months.”What I’ve experienced so far is as soon as someone finds out I’m homeless they automatically think, ‘Ugh, trash.’ I’m not, I don’t do drugs and alcohol.”

According to Hilliard a year of serving abroad took a toll on her.

“We’ve been woken up in the middle of the night saying, ‘ Hey! We’ve got incoming mortars,'” said Hilliard, describing her deployment in Afghanistan.

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via WCSC 5 CBS News