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Today is 06.07.2020

Young Homeless Veterans On Rise In Arizona | Phoenix , Arizona | KPHO 5 CBS

When you think of a soldier returning from war, you probably imagine a glorious homecoming with friends and family there. But that’s not always the case.

According to the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness, more and more young soldiers are coming back to no home at all.

The lucky ones get to be in some type of transitional housing, like 23-year-old Jeremy Ernster. He served for 2 1/2 years, one year of that in Iraq.

“I don’t have a mom or a dad,” Ernster said, with his aunt raising him, at 18 he decided to join the Army and is proud of his service.

“I feel like there is a certain part of the population that go and do that job and certain people who don’t and I feel like I was one of the those people and it was just on my heart,” he said.

With limited family, Ernster came back to Phoenix a few years ago and calls the MANA (Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force) house home, and other veterans who live at the transitional facility are his new family members.

“We are seeing a large increase of veterans living on the streets,” said Joan Serviss, Executive Director of the Arizona Coalition to end Homelessness. She said Jeremy is not alone. A recent survey her organization conducted shows that homeless veterans on the street are getting younger and younger.

“It’s a significant increase. When you go from 3.2 percent to 7 percent in one year you see that there is something that needs to be addressed,” Serviss said it’s a sign of the economy. “Our veterans are returning from overseas and there’s no housing for them and there’s no jobs for them.”

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