I Am Waters

Today is 06.04.2020

What does water mean to you?

The poems below represent the beginnings of a growing body of creative work by all of those who participate and support I Am Waters Foundation. Every poem entered is greatly valued and appreciated, it’s your voice that will create the needed awareness.

Make your submission in our Facebook Page at http:///www.facebook.com/iamwaters, and at the end of the day the poems will published on our website at http://iamwaters.com/yourvoice/.


I was here on Day One
I covered the Earth, and receded to begin anew
I prepared you to meet your Maker
I cleansed all who entered me, even His Son
With me you may have abundant life
Without me certain death
Free to all, till marked “Colored” “White” only
Freed and free again
Life. Death. Renewal.
From me.
I am…Water.

- Gayle Marie Jones via Facebook

Water, the ever flowing river of life
Giver of hope, joy and nourishment

Water, an abundance to be be cherished and shared
Given freely and with the love of our Creator

Water, river of life, of hope of dreams
Spiritual blessings flow with each return

Water, a clea…nsing for the body and the soul
Pure and sweet, our gift to you

Have Faith
Have Hope
Have Joy
Know you Have Our Love

- Liz Sheridan via Facebook

Water makes you happy.
Water makes you grin.
Because that water is Living Water,
The only Water that can’t be collected in a bin.

- Jackie via Facebook

Liquid Dreams

Softly, the water trickles its way
down the pathways of time.
Binding all who yearn
to be satiated with the nectar of life.
Pouring into the empty spaces
with necessary respite.

The rain falls,
beating a harmony of oneness.
A communal bath
in the element’s offering of love.
All connected through the great need
for the deluge which fills the shape of humanity.

Calling, waiting, wanting
to cleanse the face of the destruction created.
Feel the water falling gently down the cheeks.
Speaking of time lost, regrets held, chances missed.
The emotions becoming the great equalizer of the masses.
The eternal fountain springs from the inner core of tortured existence.

Nature’s elixir offered for redemption.
The savior, the emissary, the silent killer
that creeps upon an unsuspecting world
telling all it will not go silently.
Partake of the life given to create one’s existence
And douse the soul in liquid love.

- Sara Robins via Facebook